February Assembly

Miller's Advisory

Pledge to the U.S. and Texas Flag


A.A.C.C. Member of the Month: Ms. Carrie Gray


Have you ever?

Have you ever been bullied?

Was it:



Or cyber bullied?

Have you ever been the bully?

Have you ever seen someone get bullied and said nothing?



The internet...not so much....

End Cyberbullying 2015 | Official (ETCB) End to Cyber Bullying Organization

Student Story: It really happens


What can be done? What can I do?

Advisory Room "Power Word" Card

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  1. Choose a power word, inspirational message or quote, or positive comment
  2. Decorate your 1/2 sheet
  3. Turn into your advisor by Friday
  4. Create collage on the outside of the door
  5. **If you want to create an extra, just ask for paper. All doors around campus could use a splash of color and positivity!


50 Point Stars!

  • Tommy Sinnie
  • Bailey Calderon
  • Zasha Oliveira
  • Caroline Hitschel
  • Patrick Olivarez (2)
  • Chelsea Bates
  • Noah Johnston
  • Brandon Crabtree
  • Paige Jackson
  • Margot Favarato
  • Daniel Blevins
  • Alexis PInares
  • Bethany Milligan
  • Mercedes Dardy
  • Jesus Gonzales
  • Eric Padilla
  • Noah Saad
  • Mark Ordonez
  • Hannah Stanush
  • Paige Parker
  • Victoria Garcia
  • Sky Tucker
  • Sheila Acosta
  • Tiffany Hernandez
  • Jared Roth
  • Harrison Hale
  • Alaina Lopez
  • Chasity Guerra
  • Kevin Burke
  • Eternity Sutton

Drawing for Prizes!

Reminder: Community Service!

  • Minimum 6 hours to graduate
  • 2015-2016 School Goal: 2500 Hours --> currently at 1250 Hours
  • Bike Rodeos, Habitat for Humanity, Saturday Ramp Builds, Donating Items, Outside of School Activities
  • THIS SATURDAY-- Ramp Build-- See Mr. Swarner for deatils


Army Recruiters

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  • 18 + See Mr. Swarner of Dr. Throm to register to VOTE
  • Anything else?

No School Monday!