IOS 7 work

By: DustinM.


1.Control Center:Now, a simple swipe upward gives me easy access to these settings and more.

2.Tomorrow, I'll be writing what I think are the seven worst things about IOS 7, so don't get caught up thinking this is just an iPhone fan-fest.

3.I like it better than most streaming-radio apps I've seen.

4.I decided to round up my favorite parts of IOS 7 that I think are truly useful and stand out from the other changes.

5.But now that I've used the app for a few days, I like it better than most streaming-radio apps I've seen.


1. But some criticism fell in what Apple missed out, like as a slightly larger display, which in his view had "room for another sweet spot above 4-inches."

2. Was far more gritted-teeth in his review by describing how the two new phones "fail to excite."

3. Also never changed so little from the previous generation," hinting at a lack of innovation on the company's part.

4. Found put they didn't have it, they were already well into their contract and disappointed.

5. Oh never mind, you're an Android user, you're known to make lots of dumb decisions.