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Earth Day Problem.

Buffalo Elementary would like to start to reduce more trash to make the school better and healthy. They want to start reducing more trash because if they don't then it will become too full of things that are bad for schools like- not getting kids to know the great meaning of recycling or not teaching kids the right thing to do so that they have a better home to live in.

Be helpful to your green home!

Possible Solutions.

If you pack a lunch for school in a fresh bag everyday that you pack- start packing in a container that you can take home and wash it at home.If you do that then you are saving from throwing away MORE trash than you reall should. You can also not throw away trash as much as you can by using both sides of a piece of paper rather than just one side of the piece of paper and wasting trees. If you use one side of your piece of paper and then throw it away she should take it back out and use the other side of the paper if it is still clean. You can also save your home by recycling all of the paper that yu use instaed of just throwing it away. When you recycle a piece of paper than you are taking that piece of paper and letting it get used for something that could be really helpful to other people or you. So when you save your home tons and tons of times you are making it a better place for you and a lot of others.