Katelyn Drobisewski

What Athens really is?

I believe that Athens is a very fair "country" and that in the Council of 500 any citizen can join even if they are really poor you can still be apart of this group. You have to win the lottery (so get your name picked out of a hat) but its free if you do win. This all proves that they are very fair.
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How much knowledge the Athens have

Athens have a great education they spend a lot of time studying and learning art. They don't spend all of their time on training 7 year old boys 24/7.

What role do generals play?

The generals command the army and the Navy, sometimes you see hem in court because they are also judges.

What are the values for Athens?

The temples are their responsibility to protect, defend, and prepare them. Also monuments that attract people all the ways from across the Aegean Sea.

What are the different groups of Athens?

There are two groups of people in Athens the women and slaves aren't really considered citizens but the men are. The women are treated very different than men. When your husband dies your not allowed to inherit their property and women are also never allowed to vote or leave their home without a male companion.

What Athens economy is all about

The Athens economy is based on trade and tourism and the tourists bring goods from foreign lands to trade, sell, or barter. Since Athens is located near the sea it s easy to trade. Athens trades olive oil, honey, and pottery. They trade all that for grain, bread and to feed their animals and wood for their homes and fires.



  • We do a lot of learning
  • We create many temples to worship gods/goddess's
  • Boys go to school and some girls get homeschooled by mothers
  • We sell olive oil, honey, and pottery
  • Women were treated very different from men
  • Its their responsibility to protect the temples