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Monday, January 21, 2019

Instrument Needs

The kids will need to be prepared with instruments on Wednesday for lessons and on Thursday for ensembles.


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ Today was our first day of using the half-circle protractors to measure angles. In general, the kids did a great job of lining up the protractor and getting an accurate measurement. We have spent a lot time classifying angles into acute, right, and obtuse categories. This classifying really helps the kids decide which scale they should be reading when using the protractor. Next week the kids will be drawing angles, relating angle measurements to the hands of the clock, and use pattern blocks to measure angles.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ Next week we will finish the lessons for Module 3. We will review and then take the test on Tuesday, January 29th. The assessment will cover multiplication, division, factors, multiples, and multi-step word problems. Our next module is the geometry module. The children will learn about different lines, angles, and shapes. They will learn how to measure and draw angles using a protractor. There are many new words for the children to learn in this module.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ Mr. Hart is still out of school due to surgery, At this point, Mrs. Rositano will be in his place until January 29th.

Scholastic Book Orders

January/February orders will be coming home tomorrow. Orders due Monday, January 28th.

I received an email from Scholastic with this information:

Following a recent Supreme Court ruling, most states now require retailers to pay state and local sales tax where applicable. Below is important information on how this may impact your classroom ordering process.

Online Orders

Parent online orders will be charged applicable sales tax. The amount will be automatically calculated and applied at checkout. To help reduce the burden of this additional expense, we have lowered the prices of all items online (with the exception of $1 books, which will remain the same price). We hope this will encourage families to order online and benefit from these savings!

Paper Flyer Orders

There are no additional charges for paper flyer orders and nothing extra to collect or calculate.

Picture Book Friday

Avi entertained us with many Pirate poems. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to finish due to our MLK Jr. Assembly. I will give her the opportunity to finish throughout the upcoming four days of school.
Big picture


PAWS is due tomorrow! Many kids came home on Friday with their final copies in take home folders! NO PAWS THIS WEEK!

Ruby Holler

We officially finished Ruby Holler this week! On Thursday, the kids used materials like paper, streamers, plates, plastic cups, craft sticks, and yarn to create something that represents their favorite part of the book. Many kids reported loving this activity in their Friday Exit Ticket! I'm planning this week for the kids to make a video with their creations!