By. Sienna Boatman, Bella Turner, and Genevieve Fellows

Prevent It!

Think before you type, some places will allow you to delete a comment, but not all websites or social media give you this option. Even if you can delete it right away, the person might still see it. If you see others having an argument, and some cruel things are said, if you know them, try and talk to them privately, if they are telling someone to hurt themselves, block and report them if allowed.
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Some ways to stop others from doing it to you

  • Don't post anything inappropriate
  • Don't post anything that could ruin you reputation
  • Don't post anything you'll regret
  • Look yourself up, someone might have said something bad or inappropriate about you that you don't Know about
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You aren't alone!

Even though it's tough at times, you're not alone! Lots of people have been cyber-bullied, including many celebrities.
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