Noticing Zero

A description of Zero

The character's appearance

Zero is a character in the novel "Holes" he is a short, African american kid with dark curly hair, and a wide mouth.

The character's actions

Zero always goes to the rear of the line for the water truck (pg.32). He is always the first one to finish his hole (pg.37). Zero tries to read the Stanley's letter over his shoulder. Zero had to dig X-rays hole because he was the fastest digger (pg.69)

What the character says

Zero tells Stanley that he cannot read or write (pg.82). Zero also tells Stanley if he can teach him to read (pg.81). Zero says to the other boys that he likes to dig holes (pg.58)

What the other characters say about the character

Zigzag said that Zero is a weird dude (pg.37). Mr. Pendanski called him zero is because he has nothing on his mind (pg.19). Stanley said that Zero is is the smallest kid in group D (pg.37).