Tyngsborough Elementary School

January 31, 2017 Update

We had a busy, fun filled week at TES last week!

We joined schools from across the country by participating in The Great Kindness Challenge! The school was filled with smiles, kind gestures and messages. A special thank you to our school counselors and many parent volunteers that assisted with our Kindness Stations! The kindness acts are great to watch, but I must admit, this is something we see each and every day at TES! :)

Dr. Flanagan's Weekly Update

https://audioboom.com/boos/5542058 from Dr. Michael Flanagan’s Tweet

Special Education Parent/Family Survey

Parents/guardians that have children receiving special education services are encouraged to complete the survey below. Your feedback is valued and appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to complete this.


TES Health Office

Illness and Dismissal Guidelines

Vomiting and or Diarrhea –

Students who have vomited at home before school or during school hours need to stay home the next day at minimum, with no further episodes occurring. They also should be able to eat and drink again.

Diarrhea guidelines are age dependent and assessed as to pre/post illness symptoms, Example: how frequent are the occurrences of loose stool, is it controllable?

Guidelines should be free from occurrence for 24 hours, able to eat and drink adequately.

Infants/Toddlers if not containable within diaper should not be in daycare until the symptoms improve and is totally containable within diaper.

Fever- oral temps over 100 degrees -students should be sent home/ or stay home if they show other illness symptoms such as headache, stomach ache, sore throat etc. Students should not return to school until fever free for 24 hours without fever/pain reliever medication.

Colds/Coughs: We see this almost through out the school year, they become problematic when students run a fever, coughing is keeping students awake at night, coughing has been over a prolonged period of time, is not controllable for school or students comfort. Primary Care Physicians should be contacted.

If Asthmatic and have asthma meds we can follow a Students Asthma Action Plan if appropriate for school that is signed by both Primary Care Physicians and Parents, if students are wheezing (no available medication), unrelieved coughing that is a distraction to themselves or the classroom they should be sent home.

Conjunctivitis: depending on age, day care, toddlers pre school K students should be dismissed if there is active purulent drainage noted from eyes. Once they are treated with ophthalmic antibiotic they may return to school

Older students we may use discretion if not feasible to dismiss may encourage careful hand washing, avoidance of rubbing eye area notify parent student needs MD evaluation and be on antibiotic before returning to school.

MD evaluation is especially important for younger children as they often may have ear issues at the same time.

STREP THROAT: Students diagnosed with positive strep do need to be on their antibiotic for 24 hours, be fever free and feel well enough before returning to school.

Skin infections: Students should be under the care of their Primary Care Physicians and whatever treatment had been prescribed, cleared for return to school, area should be covered as appropriate.

Seasonal Illnesses, Flu Flu Vaccine is recommended yearly for our students and Staff. Flu and Flu like illness vary in intensity from year to year.

Typically patients diagnosed with Flu need to stay hydrated, rest and not return to school/work until fever free for 24 hours, feel up to being back and are able to eat and drink adequately, usually around 4 days. (See Public Health Fact Sheet on Seasonal Flu.)

Winter Health and Safety Memo

Current Illness update:

We have had positive cases for Seasonal Flu reported; please find attached the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Fact

Sheet on Seasonal Flu.

Stomach viruses are also still going around as well as an increase in reported cases of Strep Throat. Upper Respiratory Illnesses Colds/Coughs are still prevalent among Students.

(See attached TES illness guidelines)


We would like to remind all Families of some important

Winter Safety Rules:

Helmets should be worn by all students when; sledding, skating, skiing and snow boarding.

Remember that the ONLY SAFE ICE is a skating rink.

We CANNOT trust the lakes, ponds, and rivers.

IF someone should fall through ice CALL FOR HELP IMMEDIATELY – (911) yell for help NEVER go out on the ice yourself!!

Remember to dress appropriately for our winter weather, winter jacket, hat, gloves, mittens and boots!! And remember students will be going out to recess weather permitting.

We hope you all stay safe and healthy!!

Hello Tyngsborough Elementary Students and Staff!

My group “The 2 Amigos” from Tyngsborough Middle School are doing an Animal Supply Drive for the Lowell Humane Society. Please help the animals by donating any Animal products. We plan to make sure that the animals at the Lowell Humane Society have all the supplies they need. The items that can be donated are listed below (Starred words are needed most).



Small Animals


*-Raw Beef Bones

-String Cheese

-EZ Walk Harness

-Treat Dispensers

-Dog Toys


*- Clay Cat Litter

*-Stainless Steel litter


-Adult/Kitten Food

-Cat beds

-Break-Away Collars

-Bunny chew toys

-Ceramic Dishes

-Bird toys, treats, food

-Bird cages

-Hamster food

-”Totally Ferret” Food and rat Blocks

-Toys, treats, Small animal hideaways

Thank You From

The 2 Amigos”(Nevaeh Hanson + Lexie Soucy).


2/3/17 - NE Patriots Day - Wear Patriots Gear or Team Colors!

2/6-2/10/17 - National School Counselor Week

2/9/17 - 2017-18 Kindergarten Parent Information Night @ 6:00-7:00 (TES Cafe)

2/10/17 - Preschool Progress Report Sent Home

2/11/17 - PTO 2nd Annual Valentine Dance (Details below)

2/11/17 - 2017-18 Preschool Open House @ 10:00-11:00

2/15/17 - Preschool Parent/Teacher Conferences (Details to follow)

2/17/17 - World Read Aloud Day

2/18-2/26/17 - February Break - No School

TES will administer the Next-Generation MCAS in Spring 2017. Details to follow.http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/nextgen/default.html

Grade 3: April 25-27 ELA

Grade 4: April 10 -12 ELA

Grade 5: April 3, 6 &7 ELA

Grade 3: May 1,2 Math

Grade 4: May 4,5 Math

Grade 5: May 11,12 Math

Grade 5 MCAS Science: May 16,17

These are tentative dates and are subject to change. There are a total of 3 ELA sections and 2 math sections for each grade level. There are 2 Science MCAS tests as well.

Please consider supporting our amazing community groups.




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