bullying in America

what really happens to your kids in schools

what your schools aministrators are doing about it

jacob Kwiatkowski

what your school administrater Dr.Schoener doing to stop bulling today in BHS

  • one fact most people don't know about bully's are
a student can be a bully and the target of a bully at the same time
  • What are some things you try to do to help the bullied victim?
get information because the more info we have to help the students the better we can help and we talk to the students and the parents
  • what do you do to the bully's
what ever makes them stop
  • do you feel that BHS is doing everything it can to try and stop bullying
yes but it takes the school as a team to help stop bullying
  • what is one action you do to try and stop bullying
one action i might take is try and put the bully in the victims shoes
  • do you feel that BHS is a bully free zone?
no place is ever a bully free zone
  • do you feel that staff members in BHS are doing every thing they can to stop bullying
no we have a great staff that dose there jobs to prevent it
  • what are some of the most common types of bullying that occurs in bhs this year
cyber bullying

  • how do you handle fights that are involving the victim standing up to the bully ?
we cant do anything if we are not informed about the issues that are going on if they talk to us before hand we can better address the problem hopefully before there is one
  • how do you think BHS can come together and stop bullying today ?

if students talk to the teachers and staff workers as a team to address the issue i feel we can eventually stop a large % of bullying in bhs

by jacob burgower