Office Staff Start of Year Meeting

Monday August 19 at 8:30 am

Business Office News - 8:30-9:15

Vicki, Marley, Melanie, April and Matt will meet with us to update us on the business office.

Join us to discuss the the 2013-2014 School Year! 9:30-11:15

  • Introduction of new staff
  • AESOP Review - No more Pink Sheets, Send in "Sub Sign-In Sheets"
  • RevTrack Online Lunch Payments - See handout
  • Website - Keep up the good work
  • Website- Update new Staff
  • Website- Staff Directory (check this out)
  • Thoughts on monthly 15-20 min monthly web meeting (new stuff, common issues, or cool tips and tricks?)
  • What's in in 7.8- See website for details
  • Parent Portal "Closed for Summer" - When do we take down?
  • Signing Parents up for the Parent Portal - See website and handout
  • Exit Comments - Records Received Dates
  • "No Show" Students -- Summer Dropouts - See hand outs
  • Entrance Exit dates (there should be NO summer dates. Use 09/03/2013)
  • Student Registration - Check for duplicates
  • Update contact information and address for students (update for entire families)
  • Start of the Year Check Off List - On website

Tech Department Update - Presented by Jurgen 11:30-12pm

  • Alpha Prime
  • Work Orders
  • K-Box
  • Time Machine
  • Resources and Contacts


Where Do I direct employees and subs for help with Aesop?
Subs can visit
Teachers can visit

Information Specialist Kristi will be setting up all accounts and she can be reached at 247-2117.

Where can I find resources and help for PowerSchool?
You can always call Chasina at 247-2139
or visit
or visit PowerSource at

Where can I get help with my computer?

All computer that need to be worked on must have a work order submitted through your school's tech rep.

Visit our Technology Services at or call 225-0744. The Tech Department has a online searchable help database to help with common problems (this is awesome, if you have not check it out!).

Where can new (and maybe even old) employees find our basic district information?

Check out the Oriention page on how to get the most our of our district resources.

Where do I find business office forms (travel, requisition)?

It is always a pleasure to work with our schools. If you ever have a problem or an idea please to not hesitate to reach out.

Presented by Central office, Computer Services, Business Office and the Department of Information Services