Andrew Jackson

On top, or a flop? - Ethan Horne - Period 2

The Nullification Crisis

When Jackson passed the tariff of 1828, South Carolina was NOT okay with paying the taxes. So, they refused to pay them, which obviously didn't go by as nothing to worry about with Jackson, so he made the Force Bill and threatened to hang their leader if they didn't pay the taxes. South Carolina was extremely worried at that point and made a deal with Jackson, they said if he lowered the tax they would pay it. Jackson eventually lowered it and avoided a civil war with South Carolina.

Indian Removal Act

Jackson did not like the Cherokee living in the Southeastern Region at all. So, with his big ego, he took them to court to get them removed. Which, when he brought it to the supreme court judge, John Marshall, he said the Indians were their own country and didn't have to be moved. But since Jackson thinks he has all the power in the world, he removes them anyways, and puts them in a dry, dead area in Mississippi. Many Indians died in the camps the army put them in, little died on the way there, and some more died once they go to the land, so it almost wasn't like they were moving them, it was like they were trying to exterminate them.

Spoils System

The Spoils System was where Jackson used job offers for his spot as president. He said whoever helped him become elected would get a job in office. He mostly directed this to poor farmers, as they were the ones in need of a job the most. This technique is now going to be used for many more elections, and rarely will anyone actually get the jobs they were promised.

Letter from a Cherokee ( Negative )

How DARE Jackson come out of no where with his big head and think he can just kick us out of the land we have been on for centuries before them?? And I do recall John Marshall saying he couldn't kick us out, we were our own nation. Who does this man think he is!? He more killed us all rather than just moving us! This is absolutely unneeded and disgraceful.

Letter from a poor farmer ( Positive )

Jackson? Oh yes, I am familiar. He is a legendary man. He promised all of us poor farmers high paying government jobs if we supported him and voted for him. Of course i'm going to vote for him! I need a new job to turn my life around, and he finally kicked those pesky Indians out, this is just another example of him being a superior and highly skilled president. He has my vote, and all of my friends votes, i'll be sure of it!