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February 2022 Edition

Exploring High Interest Text

Classroom libraries should include a wide range of text for children including: magazines, poetry, storybooks, non-fiction (in a variety of topics), and biographies, to name a few. Teachers can access these books by using points from their Scholastic Orders or heading to the library in your school. Teachers can maximize their resources by trading tubs of books with other teachers and rotating them on a monthly basis.
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Essential Instructional Practice focus for February- Essential 8 Abundant Reading Material and Opportunities

The classroom includes:

  • a wide range of books and other texts, print, audio, and digital, including information books, poetry, and storybooks that children are supported in accessing
  • books and other materials connected to children’s interests and that reflect children’s backgrounds and cultural experiences, including class- and child-made books
  • books children can borrow to bring home and/or access digitally at home

  • comfortable places in which to read books, frequently visited by the teacher(s) and by adult volunteers recruited to the classroom
  • opportunities for children to engage in independent reading of materials of their choice every day, with the teacher providing instruction and coaching in how to select texts and employ productive strategies during reading, feedback on children’s reading, and post-reading response activities including text discussion

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