Pineal for Pres. & Thymus for VP!

By: Sahara Verner

Where are they from?

  • The Pineal Gland is from the the back side of the brain connected to the spinal cord at its base.
  • The Thymus gland is from the chest, located behind the sternum and in-between the lungs.


  • The pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin which regulates the human sleep- wake cycle (Circadian cycle)
  • The pineal gland is important because without it the body would never start puberty and you would not have the proper rest to function anymore.
  • The Thymus produces the Thymosin hormone. The thymus stimulates the development of antibodies.
  • The thymus is important because without it you would not have the proper tools to fight sickness and damaged cells.

Organs and Effects:


Effects the ovaries, testes and brain. Aids in proper development, and makes you tired and affects how the brain operates in the light and dark.


Effects the Lymph nodes. It creates more antibodies.

Controlled by and imbalances:


Controlled by the Epithalamus.


Calcification or lose your sense of direction.


controlled by pineal gland.


Genetic defects can cause immunodeficiency meaning that you won't be able to fight disease and sickness as well.