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Application Maintenance: April 3

CEPI applications and MI School Data will be intermittently offline for maintenance on Sunday, April 3 from 6 a.m. to noon EDT. Only limited informational inquires will be available during this time.

On the State/Province - MI page in PowerSchool, on the Personal Core tab, the Unique Identification Code (UIC), UIC Request option for new students will not be available during the CEPI Application Maintenance window. In addition, the MI Data Hub tab, Request Snackpack option will also be inoperable during the CEPI Application Maintenance window as well.

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MSDS EOY 2022 Schema Update

The EOY 2022 MSDS General Collection schema has been updated to ensure the order of components remained consistent with previous General Collections.

Unique Entity Identifier Number Replacing DUNS

Beginning April 4, 2022, the Federal Government will transition from using the DUNS Number to the new Unique Entity Identifier as the primary means of entity identification for Federal awards government-wide. To assist with this transition, CEPI and MDE have created a UEI Number characteristic in the EEM and have populated it with known UEI numbers. To ensure there are no issues with awards, review your entity in EEM and make sure it has the correct UEI Number. If the number is incorrect or missing, you can change it by clicking “Edit Entity,” entering the correct number, and clicking “Save.”

For more information on this transition, including how to obtain a UEI Number, please refer to the UEI Transition Fact Sheet from USED.

MI School Data Updates

How many Michigan students did not advance to the next grade level from one fall collection period to the next? The Retained in Grade report provides counts and percentages of retained students, as well as a trend view, for individual schools, school districts, and statewide.

The At Risk Student report shows the performance on state assessment tests for at risk students. “At Risk” can mean students who are economically disadvantaged, chronically absent, victims of abuse, or more. Please see the Michigan Department of Education’s Section 31a FAQs or click the “About This Report” link on the report in MI School Data for additional information.