Southside Elementary News

Week of 4/4/2022

From Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Fureigh

Happy new week to you all! We hope you have had a great weekend, and we are looking forward to another wonderful week at Southside! Please reach out to us if there is anything you need!


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Parents can now join us for lunch!

Beginning March 28th, parents can now come back into the building for LUNCH, and we are so excited! We do have a few guidelines to follow as we try to get back to this normal routine:

*Students can not have friends join them at lunch - the student can eat with their parent, but no friends can come.

*Parents are allowed to bring lunch in from a restaurant or home for their child.

*You will have to be checked in at the office before you are able to go to lunch. Please have your driver's license with you in case we need to put it into our system. You will have to wear a name badge that is printed from the office in order to eat in the cafeteria.

*You will need to wait in the office area until your child's class comes to the cafeteria for lunch.

*There will be a specific area in the cafeteria designated for parents and their kids - tables have been marked for parents.


PAW Pride - April 8th and 22nd

Our next PAW Pride assembly will be Friday, April 8th. We will also have one on the 22nd. Students will learn all about the character word "perseverance" in preparation for this PAW Pride!


Our Spring MAP Assessment is right around the corner! The testing dates specific to grade levels are as follows:

*Fluency will start on the 11th and be completed on the 22nd for K-4.

April 11th: 3-4 Reading

April 12th: 3-4 Math

April 13th-15th Makeups

April 18th: K-2 Reading

April 19th: K-2 Math

April 20th-22nd: Makeups

Let's Show Some Appreciation!

We have some appreciation days coming our way! Please feel free to show some love to our staff if you would like (completely optional)!

April 4: School Librarian Appreciation Day

April 6: Para Appreciation Day

April 8: Celebrate National Assistant Principal Week

April 27: Secretary Appreciation Day

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Fulcrum Award

Southside has won the Honorable Mention Department of Defense Fulcrum Shield Award. We have had a longstanding program that observes and participates in the annual Red Ribbon Week Campaign. We have partnered with the LRAFB Drug Demand Reduction Program, which has enhanced our abilities to reach populations outside the membership of our school to spread the anti-drug message through our district's social media and marketing departments. Over 500 scholars at Southside Elementary have challenged their parents to dedicate their lives to live drug free and promote healthy lifestyles!

Our school will be presented with this award on April 7th. We are so very honored and grateful to be able to receive this and continue to educate our community on this awareness!

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Lexia Levels by Grade Chart

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If your child has a change in transportation at any time, please notify the office. Please do not only let your child's teacher know about this change. The office communicates and keeps track of these changes, so it is very important that they are aware. Thank you for your help with this!

Link to COVID Info - FAQs

If you have any questions regarding COVID guidelines, please visit our district website:

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Chromebook Safety

  • Cabot Public Schools has taken measures to ensure that district issued Chromebooks are safe to use.
  • The Chromebooks you received from the district are controlled by the Cabot Public Schools network.
  • Once a student logs into the device, the district can track how it is being used, where it is located, and control what is being downloaded.
  • GoGuardian has been installed on each Chromebook. This application restricts access to things on the internet that are inappropriate. Students will only be able to install approved software on their Chromebook. However, no filter will catch everything.
  • Please continue to monitor your child's use with a Chromebook.

Monthly Birthday Celebration

Our day of celebration for April birthdays will be held on:

Friday, April 22nd

We will not be celebrating with treats on any other day of the month. We have very strict guidelines that allot only a certain amount of days to be able to have treats throughout the year. If you choose to send treats, please reach out to your child's teacher to discuss types of snacks to bring. Please drop treats off in the office and someone will take them down to the classroom. Parents will not be able to celebrate in the classroom. Thank you for your cooperation!

Important Upcoming Dates:


4: School Librarian Appreciation Day

6: Para Appreciation Day

8: Celebrate National Assistant Principal Week

8: PAW Pride

11-15: Grades 3-4 MAP Window

*Fluency will start on the 11th and be completed on the 22nd for K-4.

  • April 11th: 3-4 Reading

  • April 12th: 3-4 Math
  • April 13th-15th Makeups

18-22: Grades K-2 MAP Window

  • April 18th: K-2 Reading
  • April 19th: K-2 Math
  • April 20th-22nd: Makeups

22: Class birthday celebration

22: Purple Up! for Military Kids

22: PAW Pride