By: Grace Schmitz

What is an island?

An island is land that has water surrounding it. An island is not the same in size as a continent. There are many different kinds of islands. Islands can be found everywhere, all over the world.

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Islands are many different shapes and sizes. Some islands are really big and some are very small. They can be located in oceans, seas, lakes or rivers. There are two main categories of islands, oceanic and continental. Islands are formed in all different ways. Islands are all different and special. They have their own special features that make them different from each other. Some islands have white sandy beaches and beautiful green hills. Some have clear blue green water, mountains and plains.


There are different kinds of animals in different kinds of islands. Some types of animals live on islands in the ocean and some live on continental islands. There are mice, rabbit, snakes, frogs, crabs, shrimp and jellyfish. They have special kinds of fruit.

Maps of where islands can be found

An Island can be found in a barrier island, a Rising island or a Hawaiian.
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Picture of an island

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Deer on an Island

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Koala on an Island

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