Oneal Grassfed Beefalo & Beef

Email to place orders for Saturday.

Bacon & Eggs this coming Saturday, December 20th

Find us at Saint Michael's Market

8011Douglas Avenue, Dallas TX 75225 from 9-10am

We hope to see you there.
Christoper & Elizabeth Oneal

Plan now for your holiday meals and parties.

Eggs - farm fresh, free range $5 dozen - limited quantities

Hickory smoked bacon $8/lb

Arkansas bacon (a meatier bacon from the pork shoulder) $8/lb

Smoked half hams - sea salt rubbed/hickory smoked $7.50/lb (Approx. 4 to 5 lbs each)

Roasted green chile & cream cheese pork smoked sausages. $10/lb

Tomato, basil & parmesan pork bratwursts $8.50/lb

Jalapeno cheddar pork smoked sausage $10/lb

Bacon-wrapped tenderloin filets - beefalo $22/lb

Pork tenderloins $14/lb

Ground beefalo or beef $8/lb

Beefalo burgers 4 pack $9/lb
Ham steaks - $7/lb

Chuck, arm, or rump roasts - beefalo $7/lb
Bratwursts - beefalo, beef or pork $8.50/lb
Cajun bratwursts beefalo or beef $8.50/lb
Jalapeno cheddar beef smoked sausage (Angus) $10/lb
Ground pork $6/lb
Ham hocks/shanks $5/lb
Pork Italian sausage $8/lb

Pork breakfast sausage mild or medium $6/lb

Beefalo soup bones $3/lb