October 3, 2019


Earlier this week, the state department populated LiveBinders with the currently available practice tests.

LiveBinders is a publically available collection of materials, files, and resources. The TN Dept. of Education has two major data banks - Assessment Logistics and Assessment Design. The practice tests are listed under the major subject area in Assessment Design (also sometimes referred to as assessment development).

All of that to say, here is the link to

We have found that LiveBinders does not allow you to point directly to a page you wish to reference as a link. The breadcrumb trail you should follow is to (1) click on the link above (2) In left navigation, click on ASSESSMENT DEVELOPMENT LIVEBINDER, (3) Click on your subject (4) Click on 19-20 Practice Tests.


LiveBinders is also where you will find assessment OVERVIEWS by subject area and BLUEPRINT documents by grade level.

Again, that link is: Use the breadcrumb trail outlined under practice tests and after selecting your subject, select BLUEPRINT.


As required by law, our state testing dates for each school are posted to our district website. If you need to use or direct others to the latest state testing dates at the district level, just link here:

The testing section of our website also contains a comprehensive list of state testing windows, plus links to other resources.


The most current edition of the TN COMPREHENSIVE ACCESSIBILITY AND ACCOMMODATIONS MANUAL for 2019-2020 is now posted in LiveBinders.

When you are in LiveBinders - Logistics ... simply type ACCESSIBILITY in the search bar and you will see, under Manuals, the publication for 2019-2020.


Assessment TIME LIMITS are also on LiveBinders, by subject and subpart.


  1. Use the resources mentioned above, along with the TN DOE website.
  2. If the available resources fail to address your questions in full ... your BTC and DTC stand ready to assist.
  3. As always, share what you learn with your colleagues at school.