Cassandra Clare

By: Caitlyn Conlee

Facts about Cassandra Clare

  • When Cassandra was little she traveled around the world most of her childhood.
  • She found her interest in books when she traveled around the world with her family.
  • In high school she wrote different stories and also wrote a novel called "The Beautiful Cassandra".
  • In 2004 Cassandra started writing a novel called "The City of Bones" in Manhattan, New York it was published March 27th, 2007.
  • She doesn't like to write her thoughts alone because she gets distracted by her TV or her cats.
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City of Bones Summary

Book Talk

In Manhattan,New York Clary Fray is your normal average teen living a normal life. On her 18th birthday her life has been changing especially her mother acting weird and always wanting to talk about important things. One day she went to The Pandemonium Club for her birthday with her best friend Simon. She witnessed a murder committed by three invisible people dressed in black called Shadow hunters. Only Clary can see these people because shes a Shadow hunter and doesn't know it. Jace one of the people suspected this when he and Clary first met and her mother has been acting weird because shes a Shadow hunter and her mother kept it from her. Will she dragged into the Shadow hunter's world? Will Clary find out more secrets to her life? Or will she be in danger?


Clary Fray was a normal teenage girl living her normal life. Until her 18th birthday came around and she went to the Pandemonium Club with her best friend Simon. Then she witnesses a murder committed by people that only she can see. Clary finds out that's she's a Shadow hunter and her own mother hid it from her whole life.