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3/12/21 Volume 2 (28)

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Desirable Difficulty-- with Support

As adults (parents and teachers), it is sometimes easier to do things for our kids, especially when they claim a task is too difficult. Here are some ways to help your kids overcome their challenge. (The example used here is if your child is wanting you to call the library for you.)

  1. Remind them of the current skills they have that can be applied. (You know how to make a phone call.)
  2. Express confidence. (I’ve seen you talk on the phone with friends many times.)
  3. Play what-if: (What will you say if the librarian asks you what your card number is?)
  4. Role-play. (Let’s practice the call.)
  5. Be present. (I'll be right here if you need any help.)
  6. Lower expectations. (It's ok to make a mistake.)
  7. Encourage authenticity. (Tell the librarian it's your first time calling yourself.)

So, support your child by making their challenge more manageable and instructive.

7 Ways to Give Support Without Prolonging Incompetence” by Dan Rockwell in Leadership Freak, February 24, 2021

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Reflections Contest Winners

We had 7 awards for Lakeview. These awards were based on the PYL Unit Council. They took all the top 3 entries for all the schools in our district and awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention. The 1st place entries in Council level went to the Fourth District level judging (all districts in OC and some in LA). We had one 1st place entry that went to Fourth District judging but did not move to the next level.

Reflections set up their showcase all virtually this year. Here is the link:

Coming Soon- Live Tutoring 24/7 for 3rd-5th

Parent info-sessions: We have three upcoming parent info-sessions as follows:

  • Session #1 - English: March 16th @ 4pm PST
  • Session #2 - English: March 24th @ 6pm PST
  • Session #3 - Español: March 25th @ 4pm PST

zoom links are in the email.

REVISED- Lakeview PTA Newsletter Issue #4

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Send a Pawsitivity note to a Teacher or Staff

Take a minute to thank a teacher or staff:

Pawsitivity ROARs in You Award

Important Dates (Every Week: College Wear Wednesday and Spirit wear Friday)

4/7, 4/28, 5/19, 6/9- Band/Strings In-Person Office Hours from 1 - 2 PM in front of MPR

3/14- Daylight Saving begins @ 2:00 AM

3/20- March Equinox- Welcome spring!

3/29 ~ 4/2- Spring Break

Click here for School Calendar./

Student Parent Tutorials

Student/Parent Tutorials - There are various tutorials on Google apps.

Notice that there is a second tab on the bottom for other tabs, such as Flipgrid and Canvas.

Mental Health Services

PYLUSD Mental Health Services

Outreach Concern hotline (low cost counseling): 800-4-Concern

CareSolice (search engine for finding counseling): 888-515-0595