The Permian period

What are some major geological events from this time period?

In this time period deserts become larger in tropical regions and the supercontinents join together to form PANGEA .

What was the climate like?

Because the interior of Pangea was so thick the climate became more cool and dry in the North and South poles than the Carboniferous period.

What were some dominant organisms living at that time?

Reptiles and Gymnosperm plants such as; cycads, ginkgo, yews and conifers.
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What was the environment like?

The emerging supercontinent of Pangaea presented severe extremes of climate and environment due to its vast size. The south was cold and arid, with much of the region frozen under ice caps.

What are the main things travelers might like to see?

Travelers during this time period would have been able to witness the start of the Alps, the Appalachian, and the Rocky Mountains.
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What should travelers pack for comfort and safety?

Something to keep you warm such as a blanket, and hiking shoes because there was many hills and it was very slick in the N & S poles.

What dangers might travelers face?

You might want to be careful being outside for two long if you're in the North or South pole because it was very cold and you could possibly get frost bite
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