Andrew jackson

Trail of tears

During the Trail of Tears the Cherokee were forced to move out of their home.And move to Oklahoma. Their trip to Oklahoma was very brutal the winters were deadly it killed many of the people on the way around 50% of them survived the trip.There was a very bad drought at the time which didn't help at all

Spoils System

The spoils system.Is a system where it rewards the people who vote for Andrew Jackson.And if Andrew Jackson won he would rewards them with a job. He used the spoils system to get people to vote for him.So that he would win the election. A small amount wouldn't like it because they would be the one who gets kicked out of there job but everyone else loved it because they got a job.

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis, the south didn't want to pay the taxes.So they threatened Andrew Jackson that if they make them pay that they will leave.And so he made a law called the ''Force Bill'' that allowed him to use the military. And then the South came back and they made a agreement that they will pay the taxes.


1.Cherokee negative ''Trail Of Tears'' it was negative because they were forced to leave their home. A lot of them died on the way to Oklahoma. They had very bad winters and their was a drought at the time. And they had no choice they couldn't say no because if the Cherokee did they would be shot.

2.Soldier positive ''Nullification Crisis'' it was positive because the soldier didn't have to pay any of the taxes. The soldier wasn't forced out of his home. He got land for free and a place to stay during the war. The soldier lost nothing he only gained things.

Political cartoon

Its saying that he has like all the power that Andrew Jackson is like the king everyone listens to him. And if you don't he will use the military. No laws apply to Andrew Jackson he does what ever he wants. He doesn't care about what he does either he will just force people out of their homes because he wants the land and money.