Eye Z --------------------- #2

To every young leaders of AIESEC in UM

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As you can see from the theme of this newsletter, IT'S CHRISTMAS SEASON! For those who are celebrating, I wish you *cue Christmas songs* Merry Christmas!! For those who are not celebrating Christmas, fret not! There is still another "season" you can celebrate, which is *drum rolls* EXAM SEASON!

I am Peiying, your editor for this issue of Eye Z internal newsletter. Now go and grab your favourite cup of tea/coffee and read this newsletter till the end before you get back to your studies! Enjoy ;)

Yours truly,

Chia Pei Ying

Team Leader of Digital Marketing

Marketing & Communications

AIESEC in University of Malaya

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I've noticed quite a lot of AIESECers in UM are a fan of One Piece. So here's a short comic about it!
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Moral of the story: Sometimes in life, the end outcome of something you worked hard on might not be like what you imagined. But at the end of the day, it's the journey that matters, not the destination. :)
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