Registration Season

An update on what we've been up to.

Hello Parents,

I am currently at the halfway point of meeting with each of my students for 2016-2017 course registration. During a typical registration meeting I meet with a student and go over their progress in school, their current transcript, and the recommendations that their teachers have sent to my office for courses and levels next year.

Prior to meeting with me your student received a registration worksheet. You may have seen this worksheet, and if you haven't, feel free to ask your student about it. This worksheet really helps with visualizing the nine periods in the day. I am happy to report that many of my students have utilized this worksheet well and have come to their appointment ready to share their ideas and questions about choosing the right courses.

Here is a schedule of who I've seen and who I'm going to see.

  • January 19-22: Juniors registered for Senior year courses.
  • January 25-29: Sophomores registered for Junior year courses.
  • February 1-5: Freshmen are registering for Sophomore year courses.
  • February 8-12: 8th graders will register for Freshman year courses.

Prior to the week of your student's registration appointment they received a special email invitation from me instructing them to sign up for their registration appointment. I am extremely proud to share that my students have done a fantastic job this year of both making and keeping their appointments. They have demonstrated so much responsibility and maturity!

Freshmen parents, please feel free to ask your student about how they are planning for their appointment with me this week. Even though you won't be coming to this registration meeting you still play a very important role in helping select courses.

I hope that this email finds you well and that you are staying warm and busy this winter season. As always, if you have any questions please let me know.



When will I see my student's course requests? Great question!

You will see the courses listed in the portal once all registration meetings have finished. I will send out an email letting you know when the information is ready and how to access it. I strongly encourage you to talk to your student about the courses they want to take and need to take during their time at Niles North. It is important to find a balance and to consider all your options when choosing courses for next year!