Jackson a Hero? No

He was a complete zero

Native murderer?

Jackson's presidency was terrible and I can think of at least 3 reasons why, but the biggest blunder by far is the fact that Jackson decided to take a whole tribe of natives out of there homeland and send them to the trail of tears, In the Winter! 1000's of Cherokees died due to the bitter, starvation, and sickness. The U.S also promised to help by providing supplies, but they barely sent anything and it didn't last long enough. Their destination was Oklahoma which isn't to bad except for the fact that all tribes taken out of the U.S at the time were put in Oklahoma. Jackson had sent other tribes before and wasn't done at the Cherokees. He also ended up sending a few more tribes to Oklahoma so the U.S could have their land.

Nullifacation Crisis

Tariffs were out and the South was in a terrible position. They heavily relied on imported goods and had to pay a lot of extra money in the long run. Though South Carolina decided they weren't going to pay and there the Nullification Crisis was born. Things were bad, but then Jackson stepped in and threatened to use the army on the state. It's pretty ruthless, but not to bad for the time, but what really shows how horrible he could be is he threatened to hang the leader of South Carolina, John C. Calhoun, if they didn't start paying. John C. Calhoun was his vice president for his first term and he barely gave South Carolina to have a response about the army coming in. He may not have needed to threaten Calhoun, the army might have scared them just enough. All it did was show what a bad person he could be and what lengths he would go to get what he wanted done.
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Nullification Crisis


Spoil System

How Jackson messed up the Government

Well lets start off with the fact that he fired a bunch of government officials as soon as he got in office and that's not to weird, but he replaced them with the people that helped make banners or had people vote for them. Ya it was a nice thing to do, but not so nice that they should be put in office with no previous experience. This was an awful choice by the president and shows once again how terrible a president Andrew Jackson is.