A Stiff's First Jump

First Jumper Celebration

Tris's Leap

You are invited to help us celebrate Tris Prior's first jumper achievement. This teenage Stiff was the first of the new hopeful Dauntless members to throw her body into the welcoming arms up the net below. Accompanied by her trainer Four, Tris will wander the party. Let's show her what Dauntless is all about! Our theme is taking risks and becoming a true Dauntless!


There will be jumping, where you can relive Tris's first Dauntless experience! Among other activities are zip-lining, knife throwing, a cake-eating contest, and a game of capture the flag in the moonlight at ten,

Where? When?

Thursday, June 7th 2598 at 8pm

Dauntless Headquarters

Hosted by: Morgan Piper


Veronica Roth