Star Trip

Middler Camp - July 17-20

Quick Overview

Thank you so much for your willingness to help! We will be working with students going primarily into 3rd and 4th grade. Our theme is Star Trip - a journey through space and time to see how the Bible is connected. Basically the theme breaks down like this:

Theme Verse - John 1:5 (we may make this some sort of call-back; I can't decide if that's too teacher-y)

Sunday - Long, Long Ago (the prophesy leading up to Jesus) : This will be somewhat abbreviated because Sunday is so packed full of settling in and rules and whatnot, but in your teams and in the chapel sermon you should be able to talk about how Jesus' arrival was talked about for thousands of years.

Preacher: Joe Moore

Campfire Speaker: Natasha Ohmart

Monday - Our Only Hope (God Keeps His Promises) : Monday will focus God's faithfulness in the coming of Christ - the Old Testament people and their prophecies. I think we are also going to do a Christmas in July theme that day - celebrate how God kept His promise in the arrival of Christ.

Preacher: Barry Watts

Campfire Speaker: Jennifer Genova

Tuesday - The Dark Side (Jesus Came to Change Our Lives) ; Tuesday will focus on the problem of sin and how Jesus came to free us from its power. Tuesday will more or less focus on the specific teachings of Jesus, such as the parables, and the story of Paul's conversion.

Preacher: Tom Curry

Campfire Speaker: Ashlie Spiegal

Wednesday - May the Lord Be With You (We Give Our Best to Jesus) : Wednesday will be mostly spent cleaning and packing, but we will have a short closing ceremony that will send them out with the message that they can go and live like Jesus (hopefully).

The People Details

Joe Moore and I will be co-deaning the week. We will be keying in on the Star Wars theme, so feel free to share any ideas you might have.

I think we will have three classes each day that the students will rotate between. Right now, we have about 40 kids pre-registered, so we can expect 60-ish I think. I will probably ask most of you to teach one 30 minute class (although you will have to teach it to 3 groups of kids). Monday's classes will focus on Old Testament people. Tuesday's will focus on teachings of Jesus and New Testament stories. Remember, the idea is to give the students a view of the Bible as a whole. To do that, we need to be sure they know the "basic" stories."

Stephanie Diamond will come in Monday and Tuesday to do a craft with the students. During recreation time, students will rotate between the craft, the pool, and recreation activities on the field with Abbey Leathermon.

Evening Activities will be the bubble foam machine (if you're not familiar with it, it turns the basketball court into a pit of bubbles. Very fun) and the scaffolding game (again, a super fun game on the basketball court. It's probably best explained in person). Sunday night's activity is TBD. We won't do any extra late night movie or anything with this group on Tuesday - at least that's what I'm thinking now.

Our mission is Australian Christian Mission. Rob Branham has been putting together videos and lesson ideas.

Monday and Tuesday's Schedule (tentative)

7:30 - Wake up!

8:00 - Breakfast

9:00 - Morning Lesson (in the chapel, one group)

9:15 - Team Time

9:30 - Class Time

10:00 - Fruit Break

10:15 - Class Time

10:45 - Missions

11:20 - Class Time

12:00 - Lunch/Mail Call

1:00 - Bunk Time

1:45 - Memory Maze

2:15 - Recreation 1

3:00 - Canteen

3:30 - Recreation 2

4:15 - Recreation 3

5:00 - Faculty Meeting

5:30 - Dinner

6:30 - Chapel

7:15 - Team Time

7:30 - Canteen

8:00 - Evening Activity

8:45 - Campfire

9:00 - In Dorms

9:30 - Lights Out