Emporer Penguin

Aptenodytes Forsteri

The Emporer is the largest of all living penguin species. some can stand at 1.22m tall and weigh from 22-45kg. Emporers chicks have mainly grey fur with a mix of black and white fur at this stage they look very different to their parents which have white fronts and black backs with yellow necks and black heads.
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Emporer Penguin Habitat

The penguins live on the continent of Antarctica. Antarctica is home to thriving colonies of Emporer Penguins these colonies have to survive the harshest weather with the temperature in Antarctic winters dropping to -30 degrees celsius whereas the lowest temperature Australia has had is -23 degrees celsius and that is extremely rare.


Penguins survive the cold because of their adaptations that they have made over time. One of the most vital is their insulation which is provided by their several layers of scale like feathers also they have a very small bill and and flippers which help to conserve body heat and they huddle in order to keep their colony warm.
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Emporers breed in colonies spread out all over Antarctica. The size of the colonies can vary form a couple hundred to 20,000. Emporers conservation status is; near threatened due to climate change the number of these penguins will decline dramatically over the next 3 generations.

Diet and Predators

Emporers frequently eat Antarctic silverfish,other fish, Antarctic krill and some species of squid.Adults can eat up to 6kg a day but usually eat 2-3kg a day.

life cycle of an emporer penguin