Free 3 Day Home Education Event


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Classical Christian Education in Community

What are the benefits of classical, Christian education? How can I give my children a classical, Christian education at home?

Join veteran homeschooling parents for three days of encouragement and inspiration as we seek to understand the classical model of education and learn how to apply it in Christian homeschooling. This year we will be digging deeper into understanding the art of argumentation.

Kids Camps Available - See bottom of flyer

Our morning speaker will present practical tools for giving your children a classical, Christian education at home. See the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages of learning in every subject and discover how every subject glorifies God. Afternoon facilitators will demonstrate practical tools for teaching investigation and debate.

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About the Speaker: Mel Korsmo

Mel and his wife Jessica homeschool their five children and together they love spending time outdoors—especially in the Rocky Mountains. Mel has served as a pilot in the US Air Force for the last 16 years, including time in Europe, Asia, and the US. He is currently finishing a PhD in International Relations. As a veteran CC dad, he blends experiences from this diverse background with his passion for classical, Christian education and for equipping people to think well. His hope is to inspire, equip, and encourage parents by connecting these ideas with the vision of knowing God and making Him known—that is, not merely acquiring knowledge of God, but experiencing His power, presence, and love and sharing this with others in community.

Choose between these KID CAMPS for ages 2months - 18yrs

Nursery (0–2 years)

Classical Conversations provides quality nursery care for your infants and toddlers so you can enjoy your Parent Practicum.

Play Camp (3–5 years)

Designed for preschool students, our play camps are a mixture of play, simple art activities, and memory work chanting. Your children will enjoy this time and may learn a few grammar pegs in the process!

GeoDraw Camp (6–8 years)

During our popular Geo-Drawing Camp, children will spend three days drawing and mastering the earth’s geography, including the major features and political boundaries of the continents. Facilitators will teach the classical model and drawing skills in order to help students complete their projects. We use techniques from Mona Brooks’s Drawing with Children; your child is sure to love attending this camp!

History: Heroes and Handiwork (ages 9–13)

Using Story of the World, PreScripts: Medieval and World History Cursive and Art Lessons, and Foundations Cycle 2 Audio songs, students will love learning about the heroes of history and handiwork. Students will learn about monasteries and illuminated manuscripts and about heroes from the Bible and from European history. Students will learn to draw historical scenes, make an illuminated manuscript, and will participate in fun games and skits. Students will get a great introduction to Foundations Cycle 2 history.

Learning Latin and Loving It (ages 13-18)

Not only can Latin be "not so tough", it can also be fun if you learn it with friends! During Latin camp, students will study beginning Latin using a combination of Latin's Not So Tough and Henle's 1st Year Latin. Tutors balance the camp day with a mix of memory work, fun, and games.

Teen Helper (ages 13-18)

Do you have a teen that would rather serve instead of attend a camp? If so, please register your teen as a teen helper to serve in our student camps. They will walk away blessed by their serving experience!!

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Montgomery Parent Practicum

Thursday, June 23rd, 9am to Saturday, June 25th, 4pm

9045 Vaughn Road

Montgomery, AL

We meet Daily from 9-4 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, this is not an overnight event.