Ignite the Inner Entrepreneur

Bridging entrepreneurial audacity with BizPoppin' reality!

Entrepreneurship Workshop


(BizPop + you = Successful Entrepreneur)

If you have the audacity to be your own boss, sign up now for BizPop's Solutions Ignite the Inner Entrepreneur Workshop. We will guide you through a creative personalized journey during our 2 day computer based and interactive workshop on:

April 25th 9AM-12 noon & May 2nd 9AM-12 noon

It's time to turn your inner passions, desires, dreams and ideas into:

  • An Entrepreneurial BizPop Quotient (EBQ) "your inner rock star"
  • A Business Canvas
  • A BizPop Driven Plan
  • A Pitch with Feedback from Professionals
  • A BizPop Circle of Support
  • Access to Business Planning Software (2 months free!)

Our workshop will focus on the six key BizPop Solutions to Ignite Your Inner Entrepreneur:

BizPop Solution 1: Getting to Know You

BizPop Solution 2 : Discover Your Circle of Support

BizPop Solution 3: Plan Your Journey

BizPop Solution 4: Take Action

BizPop Solution 5: It Takes a Village

BizPop Solution 6: Funding Options

The workshop is interactive, including both hands-on and computer based experiences.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Saturday, April 25th, 9am

5500 Irvine Center Drive

Irvine, CA

Our 2 day workshops are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Saturday April 25th and Saturday, May 02, 2015