Literal Equations: Unit 2

How to become an expert at solving them!

What is a Literal Equation?

The definition of a literal equation is an equation with 2 or more variables. In some cases of solving literal equations, the original equation can transform into another equation.

Solving Literal Equations

Steps to solving Literal Equations:

1. Define the variable you are solving for

2. Use inverse operations to get the variable

3. Simplify answer if needed

Examples/Solutions of Literal Equations

A step closer to becoming an expert!

First Thought Questions

The number one asked question when people see Literal Equations is how to solve an equation with two different variables. If the equation has more than one of the same variable along with a different variable, the question is how do I get rid of the double variable so I can solve for it. These are just a few questions people might ask at the first sight of Literal Equations.

Literal Equations

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