Zac Efron

Biography by: Anna ashton

Personal life

Zac Efron was born October 18, 1987 in California. Zac and his brother Dylan Efron are the only children in the Efron family. His parents are Star la and David Efron. In 1999 at age eleven his debut was with a production of Gypsy.In 2002-2004 he does three TV shows called firefly,miracle run,and Summer land. His current girlfriend is Sami Miro. her career is being a model,she is very pretty and good at modeling.

Impact on Society

One of the big impacts zac has in society is that when people look at him they smile, the reason why is cause he is so dang cute.He also entertains people when he is in movies. like in this picture nest to the paragraph he is entertaining the audience on the production teen choice awards.he set a very good example when he played in the production High School Musical


Zacs career is entertainment he is in may movies and TV shows example Firefly,High School Musical. His girlfriends career is being a model.She is very gorgous there is more info in the firt paragraph.his dad works as a electrical engineer,and his mom works as a former secratery.zac has played in many movies such as neighbors,neighbors2,High school musical,and many more. he has also won a lot of awards such as the teen choice award he got to be on the show also.

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