BBP Heritage Association

~ October 2023 Newsletter ~

General Membership Meeting

Welcome to October! This is the last month for estate tours at Meadow Croft. They happen every weekend from 2:00-4:00 at the Meadow Croft estate. Join us!

Our October general membership meeting will be on October 15th, from 2:00-4:00 at the BBP library. The topic this month is:

The Cuban Giants

The Cuban Giants - the first Professional Black Baseball Team - got their start in Babylon, in the summer of 1885. Town of Babylon Historian, Mary Cascone will present on the team's start in Babylon and their early years in professional baseball, the myths about their name and the position in baseball history. Mary Cascone has worked in the Town of Babylon, Office of Historic Services, since 2006, and was appointed Town Historian in 2014. Her projects for the Town of Babylon have included seven local history books, more than 20 historic markers, creation of the Town of Babylon History Museum, and a history blog -

This meeting is open to all! Please join us for this informative presentation.

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Digital Tapestry Augmented Reality Experience

Introducing a NEW experience now offered at Meadow Croft!

The Meadow Croft Estate, managed by the Bayport-Blue Point Heritage Association, introduces an Augmented Reality (AR) tour starting in the Fall of 2023. This unique experience is accessible via the TRAR™ app on both Android and Apple devices. This allows visitors to engage with 3D AR models of the Roosevelt family, including former President Theodore Roosevelt.

This technology was developed by 360XR™, a startup company specializing in historical AR and Virtual Reality (VR). Amazingly, this technology makes history tangible. Visitors use the app to interact with 3D versions of the Roosevelts, who guide them through the Estates landmarks. There are five main scenes, with each stationed at specific spots on the grounds of Meadow Croft, marked for easy identification.

At the beginning, John Ellis Roosevelt welcomes visitors, recounting the times his cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt visited Meadow Croft. The AR figures of Teddy, John, and Nannie Roosevelt, positioned as they would have been over a century ago, narrate tales of their experiences within the very estate visitors now explore. Teddy Roosevelt delves into the history and architecture of Meadow Croft, and his voice, carefully modeled after renowned impersonator Joe Wiegand, adds authenticity.

The AR tour takes guests through various stops: Teddy discussing his affinity for Meadow Croft, John reminiscing about his father, Robert Barnwell Roosevelt, their adventures, and finally, Nannie detailing Teddy's local excursions using the family’s car, leading to tales of the Roosevelts participation in motor car races.

The Bayport Blue Point Heritage Association and the Meadow Croft Estate express enthusiasm about their partnership with the TRAR™ project. Mary Bailey, President of the BBPHA, emphasized the advantage of collaboration between different Roosevelt sites via the Digital Tapestry platform. This venture is funded by the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation and seeks to enhance engagement at Long Islands historical venues. The Digital Tapestry™ initiative features over 60 AR experiences across 11 Long Island locations, each providing a unique insight into significant events and encouraging visitors to explore further.

To immerse yourself in the TRAR™ experience at Meadow Croft Estate, download the app from your device’s store, visit the grounds, and let the Roosevelts guide you through history.

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Christmas at Meadow Croft

Save the date: December 2nd & 3rd for our Christmas at Meadow Croft! This year's theme is Jolly Ole St. Nick! We still are looking for musicians for the event (pianists & violinists). Maybe some HS students who need community service hours? If you know someone who is willing to volunteer an hour or so to play during the event, please call our chair; Leanne Berg at 631- 235-1702.

The Hotel Monterey

These articles first appeared in the Bayport Blue Point Gazette and were written by Gene Horton. They are reprinted here with permission.

May 2004

The Monterey Hotel was located on the northwest corner of Middle Road and Arthur Avenue in Blue Point. When it was built in 1913, it was named The Imperial, but with the outbreak of World War I against Imperial Germany, the hotel's name was changed to the Monterey.

The Monterey took in about one hundred guests and was one of Blue Point's most popular summer hotels. The Monterey was damaged by fire in September, 1928. It was dismantled in 1943.

Today, no trace of it remains. Private homes have since been built on this property. Only the fire hydrant remains there today!

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