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Aim High!!

What's on the calendar for January 28-Febuary 1, 2013?

Week 1, Days 1-5

Monday 28th 5th grade to Space Camp all week
Tuesday 29th PD with Deb Painter 2nd grade
Wednesday 30th PD with Deb Painter 1st grade
Thursday 31st PD with Deb Painter Kindergarten
Friday 1st SPIRIT DAY!
Data Day k-2 during P.E.

Thought of the Week: "Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it". Lou Holtz

Read This!

Check out this article:

Deborah Messier will be back on Feb. 19th. Your goals for the Pro board were:

1. Work with the layers to provide engaging techniques (magic ink, camera, translucency slider, restrictors, sound recorder and screen recorder, embedding videos...(2nd Intermediate group).
2. Create flipcharts or download and add engaging techniques to lessons.
3. Explore Promethean Planet for Lessons(Partner Resources/ActivTips)

Science Unit outlines needed. By Feb. 7, please have a month by month outline of your updated science units to Mia. She is on a district committee and they are creating a curriculum map. Questions? Please ask Mia.

Coaching Cycle begins anew. Between Feb. 3 and April 29th, please schedule a time with Belissa to do a coaching cycle. The majority of you have had her in your classes this fall, now we are moving to Belissa working with you, watching you teach a lesson, and debriefing the lesson together. She will let me know who has this scheduled. Anticipate the cycle taking about 2 weeks time by the time you meet to discuss what she is watching, the actual observation, and another meeting to debrief.

Birthday Babies!

Miri Evans 1/30
Michelle Eccleston 2/6
Jacqueline Wortendyke 2/15

Duty Calls

Outside/Hall Wallace/Henson
Safety Patrol AM Shonesy /PM Aune
Car Duty 5th grade / Gamble