All about how to stop it

What is Deforestation?

the clearing of trees, transforming a forest into cleared land. The first step in turning the wilderness into a shopping center is deforestation.


Put a ban or make a law prohibiting a certain amount of trees to be taken down a year. We could also make a law for a certain type of tree that can be taken, and that's it.

What is a rain forest?

a luxuriant, dense forest rich in biodiversity, found typically in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall

Negative impacts of deforestation

-Animals lose their homes and lose their shelter from predators

-These forests have plants with medicine that can cure sicknesses, man kind hasn't been able to yet

- All Forests will be gone within a couple hundred of years

- Forests are being destroyed because people need more land for crops, or another shopping mall. Very unnecessary at times.