Pilgrim Gr 2 ELA and MATH

Week of Nov 2 Update

ELA with Mr. Yearick

This week we worked on phonics, comprehension, and grammar both as a class and in small groups. We took on contractions in IXL (it's tough!), and came up with a sizeable list of words that make a long 'e' sound using "ee" and "ea". We did some superb word play, and we tackled big idea words like "entertainment" and "media". Attached is a short clip from our reader's theater piece, "Neighborhood News".

Next week we'll continue with more small group work and partner reading. We'll also discuss parts of a sentence, and further develop our concept of genre and author's purpose.
ELA November News Gr 2



Watch for our special project this month: HOLIDAY MEAL BAGS. We'll be shopping at JEWEL food store for MATH CLASS.