The land of dreams

Treu facts about venezuela

Venezuela is located between 1 –12 degrees longitude (N) and 60 – 73 degrees latitude (W), and is therefore entirely in the tropics. Occupying the far north eastern part of South America, it is bordered by Brazil to the south, Columbia to the west and Guyana to the southeast. Its coastline meets the waters of both the Caribbean sea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the east.

How they built this hotel

A small, secluded city along the Caribbean coast of Venezuela, Chichiriviche is nonetheless among the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Falcon. Situated between Morrocoy State Park and several small coastal islands, or cayos, the town draws visitors with its accommodations, which are within close proximity of beaches and wildlife. Hotels and inns stand throughout the town and surrounding area, offering rooms, dining and activities like snorkeling, swimming and kayaking

This is a hotel where people stay

this place is one on the niceist place to stay in venezuela
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Venezuela born so many world’s top designers such as Carolina Herrera, Angel Sanchez, Mayela Camacho, Jose Maria Almeida and Durant & Diego. The another fact is, branded clothing can be found that easily even in the remotest parts of Venezuela. Funny how the fashion sense its not dominated by the youth, but also among the adults section. No wonder one of attention grabbing in the world’s fashion industry is venezuelan fashion design.

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This is some food that they eat

They eat other kinds of food that us they eat all kinds of food that they like
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This is some drinks they drink
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