Iraq Immagrants

What life is like being an immagrant

There are many immigrants that come from Iraq to the U.S.A. Many immigrants think that it is a scary ,sad and confusing thing to migrate. They think this because they have to leave their home country, leave their culture, leave the people they loved and start a whole new life style. Their are many other immigrants that think it is a fun experience to migrate. They might think this because they are learning a whole new life style , new culture, and get to meet new people and make new friends.
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Hardships Iraq immagrants face

Many immigrants face hardships in the process of migrating. One hardship would be transportation. Their main transportation is the boat. This can be really hard because there are many immigrants and few boats and they can get ill on the boat and die. Another hardship immigrants face is finding a home. When immigrants come to the U.S.A, not every one wants to let them in their home. That is one of the reasons their are so many refuge camps.

Why Iraq immagrants come to the U.S.A

Many immigrants come to the U.S.A for a better life/ life style. Some more reasons they come to the U.S.A might be for a better job or to go to a new school/collage. Some more reasons are to have more freedoms and practice their religion freely. One more reason is because of the violence in Iraq. Their are many reasons why Iraq immigrants come to U.S.A.

Why Iraq immagrants leave Iraq

Immigrants leave Iraq because of violence, war and a bad life style. There has been a war in Iraq for approximately 14 years. Another reason they might leave is because of persecution and not being able to practice their religion freely. Overall the main reason people leave Iraq is because of war and violence. Those are some reasons why people leave Iraq.

Interesting facts

  • The U.S.A says that they will take in over 20 million refuges in 2017.
  • In 2026 the U.S.A might have a shortage of 20 million workers
  • 14% of immigrants are from Mexico, 7.9% are from china and 6.4% are from India.
  • In 2013 Obama removed nearly 2 million immagrants
  • 8% of immigrants are children.
  • There are usually about 1.5 million immigrants on one boat
  • 25% of immigrants have come to America illegally.
  • The state with the fewest immigrants is west Virginia
  • The state that has the most immigrants
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