Hound Dog True

Linda Urban

about the auther


Mattie's uncle, his name is uncle Potluck. Uncle Potluck works at Mattie's school. He works next to the office. Mattie was a little nervous to come to this school.But then she figured out that he worked at the school. She helped him fix a light in his office at the school.Mattie was new to this school.She was a little nervous.She was nervous because she had never gone to this school before.I would probably be a little nervous ,too.Mattie and her mom had to move and come live with uncle potluck. Mattie was nervous.She didn't want to move.Then she met this girl and her name was Quincy.Quincy lived right across the street from Mattie's house.Mattie and Quincy had become friends.Then Mattie and Quincy had a sleepover.Then, Uncle potluck broke his leg.He had to go get surgery on his leg.After the surgery Mattie and her mom went to go pick up uncle potluck.Uncle potluck could not go to work.He wasn't going to be able to go to work for a while.Then Mattie made a lot of friends and they lived Happly ever after.THE END!!!!!!!

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