College Choices

Ethan D. Nguyen

Tuition and Housing fees

Tuition and Fees

UT Austin has a total of $35,186 for tuition, and a housing fee of $9,272 for one year. It would all cost $172,832 for a total of four years. A&M is $22,470 for tuition, $4,000 for housing fees for one year, and a total of $105,880 for four years. Texas Tech is $7,517 for tuition, $4,380 housing fee for one year. The total cost of Texas Tech for four years is $47,588.

Cost Difference

My money from saving after high school would be $34,012.244. The difference in my saved money and UT Austin's costs for four years is -$138,819.776. A&M is -$71,867.776, and Texas Tech is -$13,575.776. I do not have enough for any college. (Lol)