TCEA 2015

#learnanywhere Top Takeaways

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Create Info Graphics with Google Drawings

Google Drawing was cool before TCEA, but after being the most frequently tool mentioned our learning just climbed the coolness ladder! Examples and Rubrics to use in the classroom.
What is an infographic?

Apps too cool not to try!

MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone
Welcome To littleBits
SumBlox Math Building Blocks

SPED- Organizers

Popplet iTunes- Popplet is the simplest tool to capture and organize your ideas. With Popplet you can quick jot down your ideas and sort them visually.

Got Tech? Need a Ninja?

Tod Nesloney TCEA 2014 Teacher of the Year! Web2.0 Tools, Apps, Teaching Ideas

K-1 iPads in the classroom

This presentation used chatterpix, educreations, poppet lite and pic collage. In the link they have some example projects for each subject and gave a primary and intermediate examples:

This presentation focused on using QR codes and augmented reality in a pk-1 setting. A great way to practice using technology and improve hand eye coordination. Most of the ar apps are focused on animals.

See the Science See the Math

Play with simulations at

Math + Technology= Learning

Change the way you teach and embrace the technology, because your students already have.

Tammy Worcester Tang

Math Calculations Made Easy!

Google Search

- Google as Conversion tool

Enter "3 feet in inches"

- Google as Dictionary

Enter "Define parallelogram"

- Google as Calculator

Enter 180 * 3 / 4 + 200 or something similar and Google will calculate it

Wolfram Alpha

- Get info about a number (try a really large one!)

- Solve math problems

Student Activities:

Pizza Glyp

Gallon Man

Can be done in any presentation program

Students use drawing tools/shapes to create the "parts"; then print, cut, and assemble them.

Student Coding / Programming


Scratch Jr.

Spreadsheet Formulas and Functions:

- Animal Guess My Number

Google Sheet example

- Magic Square

- Power of the Penny

- Ten Frame

Google sheet example

Tammy's Favorite Math Websites:

Glencoe Math Manipulatives

Online manipulatives

Greg Tang Math

- Math books and games

- Kakooma! Now multi-player

- Check out the new Word Problem Generator in the “Materials" section

Worksheet Works

Awesome "skill" sheet generator

Math Apps

My Script Calculator

Factor Samurai

Sums Stacker

Slice It!


PBS Lunch Rush Augmented Reality Game!

Leading Innovative Change #Tcea15couros

George Couros- Principal of Change

Driving Change, When will I have time for that?

"You don't pick up a pencil and say 'hey is there a pencil integration coordinator around to help me?' "

  • Innovator's Midset- Challenge the system, ask WHY, make choices and think differently.
  • It's not about technology, it's about relationships and learning!
  • Make better use of your time. EXAMPLE If you write (respond) to each student in their journal, you are becoming more literate not your kids, THINK DIFFERENTLY, responding to their blog, then they get to write back and others get to see and now they are excited!
  • Innovation is a HUMAN Endeavor not technology
  • Decision Makers NEED to be where the actions is
  • The further removed we are from the classroom, the more we lose touch with the impact of our decisions.
  • Learning First, Technology Second
  • Create meaningful experiences for staff. The JOB of a teacher/administrator IS TO UNLEASH peoples power, MAKE students/teachers self driven
  • Tools come and go, but the the drive to learn stays the same!
  • Teachers forget that learning is EXHAUSTING
  • Stay FOCUSED Literate->Adaptive->Transform (SAMR) (Use tools so much it becomes natural and then go deeper)
  • Students should be Interactive Producers not Isolated consumers
  • When kids do work for a teacher they want it to be "good enough". When they do work for the world they want it be great!
  • Identity Day- Explore what you love & share with the world, teachers too, kids love to learn about you

Here goes..... SOMETHING... Jump!

Girls first Ski Jump

Think Differently

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie
O2: Be more dog commercial [HD]

Stories Are The Thing We Need Most

New Bell's South Africa TV Ad -- The Reader