The Beautiful Puerto Rico

The isle of enchantment

Things to do:

Do you want to go on a trip to cloud 9? You can find it in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. There are many things to do in this paradise, for example:

  • There is at least 200 beaches to go swimming or just to absorb the sun.
  • You can visit the worlds largest telescope there - I particularly like this one because my grandfather helped build this-
  • You can enjoy Old San Juan, it has been there for a really long time, and all the buildings are painted with very vibrant colors.
  • The beautiful El Yunque National Rainforest is the place to go if you want to explore the beauty there.
  • There is also lots of caverns and caves to explore - if you like a challenge -._________________________________________________________________________________________these are just some things you can do in the isle of Enchantment
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The Culture in Puerto Rico is very diverse. Having influences from many places including, Africa , America, and Spain, also other places too.
Some cultural traits there include kissing someone's cheeks to greet each other. You also get big meals, and food there (when purchased) is very cheap, especially healthy food.
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The Taino Tribe

In Puerto Rico there used to be natives , much like here in America. They had many symbols including this little frog called "coqui", they are named this after the noise they make, which is indeed "co-qui co-qui" they make this noise at night time and are only about the size of the tip of your pinky finger.
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Carnival in Puerto Rico

You may know what carnival is, and what comes to mind is Brazil. But, there is carnival in Puerto Rico too. Yes indeed, carnival is in Puerto Rico. If you decide to go, know this:

  1. It is family friendly (so bring the fam bam)
  2. It is located in ponce
  3. Around the time of Febuary 11-17th
It is also tradition to wear masks called " Vejigrande" and it means bladder and big, because they used to make these masks with cow bladders. But of course with the technology we have now it is not made of cow bladder anymore. Instead it is usually paper mâché and many other ways too.
Ponce Carnival 2014 Puerto Rico
This is a video of carnival in Puerto Rico to show how it's like.

All in all, Puerto Rico is the place to go.... ;3

Juliana Ramirez

5th hour