Best price for the Audi R8 in Delhi

4 Essential Factors to Consider During an Audi Test Drive in India

Factors to Consider When Test-Driving a Car

Congratulations on making the Audi R8 your top choice for your next car purchase. Now that you know which car you want to buy, the next step is to thoroughly examine the car. You should book a test drive of the Audi R8 to really experience innovative technology and top-notch features. Take a friend along for a second opinion.

What You Should Look for During a Test Drive of the Audi R8

  1. You should be acquainted with the car you wish to buy before you make a booking or even before you start finding out the best price for the Audi R8 in Delhi. So read through the specifications and features thoroughly. Yes, owning an Audi is a style statement, but it is so much more than that. Get to know all the comforts, luxuries, safety features and benefits of modern technology that you can expect in such vehicles.

  2. Your next step is to book a test drive for the Audi R8. Before you get into the driver’s seat, you should thoroughly examine the car from the outside. Gloss Carbon elements give the V10 plus an unmistakable motor-racing look. Check out the side-blades, the radiator grille with honeycomb design and the 5-twin-spoke titanium finish alloy wheels. The Audi R8 comes with LED headlights for optimal viewing of road conditions in any weather.

  3. It is time to put the Audi through a rigorous test. The engine is a 5.2-litre V10 with a combined intake manifold and direct fuel injection. The all-new R8 V10 Plus accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. This makes it not just the fastest vehicle offered by Audi in its history, but also the first to reach 330 km/h. The S-tronic transmission can be manually operated, or used in the automatic mode. The proprietary Quattro all-wheel drive ensures the best performance no matter what the road conditions are. It constantly analyses your grip and automatically distributes power between all four wheels, to where it is needed most.

  4. While enjoying the power and speed of the Audi R8 V10 Plus, you should also pay attention to the ease of handling. Are the controls placed where you can easily access them? The R8 V10 Plus has a 3-spoke, flat-bottomed, multi-functional, performance leather steering wheel with 4 operating satellite buttons. These buttons enable the driver to actively adjust the R8 to the particular road conditions for improved driving dynamics. What about safety? The Audi R8 has 8 airbags, including head and side airbags. The Electronic Stabilization Control with hydraulic brake assist ensures greater stability in hazardous driving situations through targeted braking of individual wheels and engine management. The Bang and Olufsen sound system and deluxe automatic air-conditioning with sun sensor provide the ultimate luxury experience.