Warrior Weekly

Chili Bowl!

Welcome Warriors! So this is the first little newsletter I'll be posting on occasion! I promise it won't be weekly, I just needed a semi-clever name! Wednesday was the first day of our spring semester! Things are just now beginning to pick up in the club! Monday night is the Chili Bowl and Brownie bake-off which I'm super hype about! I hope that our teams will do well in this! Our Chili Bowl team members are Jeff Fite, Allie King, Damian Hatch, and Jackie Deming. Our brownie team is June Wallace and myself. (If you happen to have any super awesome award winning Brownie recipes they would be appreciated, you can just inbox them to me) I think we have an awesome spring semester coming up!


The time for the international phenomenon(Billy Smith's words, not mine) known as lectureships is upon us. I hope some of y'all are able to come (if you're into that kind of thing) If you're here during that week I'm sure you'll be welcomed at GTO devos if they happen that week. I'll try to post if they're happening and where. Hope to see some of you here at that time!

I saved the best for last...

April 10-11 is Makin' Music weekend! Hooray! Our directors are working their hardest to prepare for this! We have reveal this Tuesday! We're trying our best to recruit people for the show! This is where you as alumni might be of assistance. I ask that you pray for the club as we work to build up our cast!

Hannah's Happenings

Thanks for reading all the way down to the end of the newsletter! Let me know what you thought of this. Did you like it? Did you not like it? Just let me know! Feel free to contact me through any of the ways listed below! Have a glorious day!