Porelea Village

Central Sulawesi photo album


Here are some photos we took in Porelea for you to use on the website.

This one shows a traditional village welcome gate made of dried palm leaves.

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Some information about the village

Porelea village


1100 population. Desa (village) consists of 5 districts

Local produce is sweet potato, corn and cassava, chickens and pigs are kept. Pigs are slaughtered on special occasions.

Local houses traditionally made of thatched roves, timber and rattan walls

Cacao is the cash crop

There is a school, a church and a meeting hall.

Transport in is by motorbike only (ojek) there are a several small shops.

A trader with a shop on his motorbike brings vegetables and other necessities

Some footpaths are paved.

The traditional welcome involves the elders in traditional dress meeting at the village entrance. They place a traditional scarf on the visitors head and then a chicken.

The women dance and sing and offer the visitors a necklace made from palm leaves which encase an egg

Travelling to polelea is about 4 hours, 2 in a car to Gimpu, then ojek into the mountains. The bike trip takes about 2.5 hours and crosses several rivers.

The climate is mild.

The height is approximately 2000 m above sea level.