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January 13, 2020

Happy New Year!

Greetings Music Families!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time over break and is ready to take on 2020 (I know I am)! This year brings with it many more amazing opportunities for our young musicians. Be sure to stay up to date on upcoming events, because things only start to move faster from here on out!

Upcoming Events!!!

Sage Creek Showcase (TOMORROW NIGHT)

I am looking for SCHS Music Students from all classes and clubs to show up to tomorrow night's Showcase. This is an event where prospective new Bobcats come and look at what we've got to offer and is a wonderful opportunity to help boost our music enrollment for next year.

I am offering community service to all students who volunteer. Students, if you're interested and available, please log in to your and add your name to the sign up sheet below. So far we've only got orchestra students involved; I'd love to get some band students, instrumental music students, and students from our various clubs involved!
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Student Volunteers for Showcase

Students also have access to this form via Google Classroom

2020 Instrumental Music Competition

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SCHS Hosting The District Orchestra Concert 1/27

I am thrilled to announce that we are hosting the Combined Orchestra Concert on January 27th! Please be sure to mark your calendars. An Itinerary for students will be coming soon!
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Parent Volunteers Needed for District Orchestra Concert - Pizza Fundraiser

We are selling Pizza for students at the District Orchestra Concert. $5 will get students a slice of costco pizza, a water, and a cookie.

I would like some parents to purchase (reimbursements will be given) and pick up the food, and also some parents to help distribute food. This could be a lucrative and easy fundraiser.

Please, if you are interested in helping with this, send me an email and let me know.

Parent Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 7-8pm

3900 Cannon Road

Carlsbad, CA

In Room 5003 (Music Room)

We will be discussing the following items:

  • Disneyland?
  • Festival of the Arts
  • Leadership
  • Chamber Orchestra Auditions
  • Awards Banquet

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Amped: Music & Arts Throwdown

Festival of the Arts

*Coming Soon*

Festival of the Arts Website & Performer All Call

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Summer is Closer than you think!

Planning to attend a music camp this summer? Check out this resource that shows info on music camps across the country!

Your Donations Are Important!

It may surprise you to know that as a music program, our funding from the district and school is very limited! In fact, we have already used up our site funds purchasing some much needed new instruments. That means that many of the opportunities we want for these fine young musicians, will need some help from you!

At this point, we have funds for sheet music, some minor repairs and not much else.

From your Donations, students will benefit from the following:

  • Coaching (more individualized instruction on their instrument)
  • Transportation and Fees for Music Festivals, Professional Performances, & Events
  • Master Classes
  • Instrument Purchases & Repairs
  • Sheet Music Purchases
  • Awards Banquets
  • Fun Music Excursions & Experiences

Here's how you can help!

I understand that these days, making ends meet is a challenge for many! But, there are many ways you can help to support our program and its students. Please, help in whichever ways you can!

  • Monetary Donation ($60 per trimester is recommended)
  • Instrument or Equipment Donation
  • Amazon Wishlist Item Donation
  • Volunteering for Music Events (ticket sales, student supervision, concessions, etc.)
  • Joining the Music Guild (survey linked below)
  • Attending Parent Meetings (see Google Calendars)
  • Creating a home environment that promotes practicing at home.
Donate via ASB Webstore

* You will likely need to "register" your account, as our ASB is using new software this year.

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