Cord Blood Stem Cell Collection

Baby Cord Blood: A Preferred Source of Stem Cells Collection

Cord blood stem cells also known as Hematopoietic stem cells are known to provide various health benefits. These stem cells can rebuild and replenish the body’s blood and immune system. As of 2014, health care industry has witnessed a track record of 1 million Hematopoietic stem cell transplants and over 30,000 cord blood transplants have been performed worldwide, and the number is only increasing every day. Majority of doctors worldwide, favour baby cord blood stem cell collection from various sources such as bone marrow, cord blood among various other sources. Where bone marrow stem cell collection is an invasive procedure, extracting stem cell from cord blood of a baby comes very handy. It takes not more than 5 minutes to collect cord blood right after the baby is born. Stem cells collected from new-born umbilical cord blood are younger and more flexible than stem cells taken from an adult, which gives them better regenerative abilities.
Beneficiaries of Cord Blood Stem Cells

The Baby Itself

When a baby uses its own cord blood stem cells then it is always a 100% match. If the family has a history of genetic diseases, preserving newborn’s cord blood stem cells can be very beneficial for they can be used during the time of treatment without having to look around in search of donor.

Siblings and Family Members

There are circumstances when siblings of the new born may require stem cells transplants, and there is high probability of survival when using a stem cell from a related donor, especially a family member. Stem cells of a family member are the close match for the patient. There are 255 chances that the stem cells of a sibling will be a match in case a transplant is required.

Any Individual Need Stem Cells for Treatment

When you give away your baby’s cord blood stem cells for public banking then these valuable stem cells can be used by outside patients who are in urgent need of a donor. Finding a donor on time often becomes difficult; this is when a public cord blood bank, where you have donated your newborn’s cord blood can help the needy.

Hence, to sum up, baby cord blood is very essential for the baby and various other individuals who are in need of stem cells. This is the reason that many parents around the globe are opting for stem cell collection services i.e. preserving their newborn’s cord blood with a stem cell bank.