Where is Middle Earth?


Introduction to Chile

The country of Chile is an interesting country with a rich history and a beautiful landscape. First, the Andes mountains cuts through the country, where ancient civilizations lie. It also has beautiful grasslands and beaches stretching on the border. Second, Chile is linguistically diverse. The national language is Spanish, and some of the residents are bilingual. Chile also has an interesting culture. It has a national orchestra and poetry is a popular art form.

Why Chile?

You might ask, " Why would Chile be a good candidate for the world of Middle Earth?" There are many reasons. First, there are many places in the South American country that mirror Gandalf's and Bilbo's homeland. First, the Andes Mountains are similar to the Misty Mountains. Another place Chile resembles is Hobbit Town. In the city of Valparaiso, many houses are built on top of hills, echoing the houses of Hobbits. Third, the landscape is home to many fjords. This is reminiscent of Rivendell, a valley in The Hobbit. In the Hobbit it says, " Suddenly without any warning he trotted into water! Ugh! it was icy cold. That pulled him up sharp and short. He did not know whether it was just a pool in the path, or the edge of an underground stream that crossed the passage, or the brink of a deep dark subterranean lake. The sword was hardly shining at all. He stopped, and he could hear, when he listened hard, drops drip-drip-dripping from an unseen roof into the water below; but there seemed no other sort of sound." This scene reminded me of the numerous caves in Chile.

Pictures of Chile


There are many other places that you might consider a good candidate for Middle Earth. For example, Switzerland is located on the border of the Alps, which could serve as the infamous Misty Mountains. While these claims are valid, Chile is more closely resembles the descriptions of Tolkien's world. In Tolkien's description of the mountains, it says, "Dark and drear it looked, though there were patches of sunlight on its brown sides, and behind its shoulders the tips of snowpeaks gleamed." As you can see, Chile is Middle Earth.


Overall, Chile's rainforests, chilly valleys, underground caves, and scenic mountains strongly resemble Middle Earth.

Additional Information

In Chile, some homes that are close to water are built on stilts. Those houses mirror Lake-Town.