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Comparing Skype, Facetime and Hangouts

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Skype vs Facetime vs Hangouts | Explained!

Explaining Google Hangouts

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Comparing Skype and Google Hangout

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What is a Google Hangout on Air?

Google+: Getting Started With Hangouts On Air

With Hangouts On Air, you can host and broadcast live discussions and performances to the world through your YouTube channel or Google+ Home page. You can also edit and share a copy of the broadcast.

As a participant, you can join Hangouts On Air from your computer.

Host Hangouts On Air

To broadcast Hangouts On Air, you need the following:

  • YouTube channel: Your on Air Hangout will be directly linked to your Youtube account (your school work email) and streamed live to a YouTube link. You will have to connect your accounts the first time you use this feature.
  • Google+ profile or page: Make sure your Google+ profile or page is connected to your YouTube channel. Newly created YouTube channels are automatically connected to Google+.

Start or schedule Hangouts On Air

As a host of a Hangout On Air, you can choose when to start your broadcast and who can join it.

An Unlisted Hangout on Air

All Hangouts On Air are public by default when you start the broadcast. But if you don't want your Hangout On Air to be widely publicized, you can make the event unlisted. This means that people with the link can find and watch the video.

For an unlisted Hangout On Air, the event won't be publicly promoted on Google+. People also won't be able to search for the video on Google+ or YouTube. After the Hangout On Air, the recording will be marked as unlisted on YouTube

Other people can still share your unlisted Hangout On Air

Everyone you invite to your Hangout On Air can also share the broadcast by sharing the Google+ event or the YouTube link.

Keep in mind that if someone else shares your unlisted Hangout On Air, your video could appear publicly on the Internet. For example, if you share your Hangout On Air video with your friends and they post it on their blogs, then everyone who sees the link can also watch the video.

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Using Google Hangouts in the Classroom

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How NOT to Do a Google Hangout (Regular or On Air)

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