No Place is Perfect

Child Labor is China

So whats the secret?

They could have made the very shirt your wearing or could have made the pencil you do your home work with. You could know them or they could be stranger to you. But the fact is, they are everywhere. In factories they work for little to no pay. They have no education because there whole life is spent working. I'm not taking about adults, I'm talking about children. And were are they mostly? China. Between the ages of five and 14, 250 million children are labor workers. 61% are from China.

So Whats the Big Deal?

The big deal is that, big name brand companies such as Samsung or Apple, have factories that use child labor in China. If a family is poor and needs income and the son and or daughter wants to work and gets paid for it, that's fine. Whats not fine though is when it gets to the point of no payment and abuse. Yes children are being abused in these factories. If they make one small mistake, or are being slow, workers are hit or forced to stand all day. If not abused children at least are injured while working with the machinery. On The New York Times a 16 year old boy had gotten burns on his hands. ' "I work on the plastic molding machine from 6 in the morning to 6 at night,” said Xu Wenquan, a tiny, baby-faced 16-year-old whose hands were covered with blisters. we asked what had happened to his hands, he replied, the machines are 'quite hot, so I’ve burned my hands.' "

What are the Effects of Child Labor?

In many factories they have dangerous chemicals that are used. Consumers have stopped buying some of China's products because of the harsh chemicals. So if buyers don't want to use these chemicals because its harmful, what if you had to work with them? You can get burns and blisters from hot machines. Adults and children are different, they are not at the same stages in life. So when working conditions are harmful towards adults its more likely to be more harmful to children. Here are a few things that could happen.
  • Rapid skeletal growth
  • Development of organs and tissues
  • Greater risk of hearing loss
  • Developing ability to assess risks
  • Greater need for food and rest
  • Higher chemical absorption rates
  • Smaller size
  • Lower heat tolerance
When the children have excessive over time it could disturb their social and educational life. Slavery, soldiering, prostitution, drug trafficking have more traumatic effects, examples could be longer term health and socioeconomic effects. When working in the fields or at rock quarries, there will be back breaking work and pesticides. Again those are just a few examples.

Can We End this?

Yes. By raising awareness and sending donations you can stop this. Its like any other thing that bothers you, speak up. You have a voice use it. These children have been hurt and no longer have a voice. Step up and be the change we want to see in the world. If these images disturb you then do something. Do you want this to happen to you? Because just like that it could. So do something, don't just ignore this. Lets end child Labor, one factory at a time.